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Trombone Adjustable Door Set

The Trombone is a fully adjustable door that can be easily customised to fit the size of the door opening required. Trombone doors are a great way to update your bathroom in a rental, bach, crib or home. There are five door sizes to choose from between 640mm to 1000mm. The Trombone features a full length aluminium handle with integrated magnetic closure. Trombone doors are available with White joinery.

Trombone Adjustable Door Set

• Available in Various Sizes
• Adjustable Door 60-100mm Allows for Walls That Are Not Plumb
• 6mm Safety Glass
• 1920mm Height
• Integrated Magnetic Closure
• Aluminium Handle
• White Joinery
640-700x1920mm, 700-760x1920mm, 760-840x1920mm, 840-940x1920mm, 940-1000x1920mm
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Available to order from leading plumbing merchants and retailers Nationwide.
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Clearlite is proudly 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated. Where possible, we use locally sourced materials and construct all of our exceptional products in our Glenfield warehouse. Clearlite delivers Kiwi consistency and reliability with every order placed.