Find a little slice of pleasure with a brand-new Bath from Clearlite. Did you know that Clearlite is the only NZ brand to manufacture drop-in baths right here in New Zealand? Now that is quality control! Our range includes drop-in baths, back-to-wall baths, and options for shower over baths, making it easy to find the best baths NZ has to offer. Drop-in baths are a popular choice in modern bathrooms and require a frame to be built to house them.

Back-to-wall baths are ultra-modern and require minimal installation. Like it says in the name, these baths sit flush against a bathroom wall and floor and do not need additional framing. You can even opt for a shower over bath to get the best of both worlds! We offer a variety of baths for sale NZ wide that cater to different tastes and requirements. Whether you're envisioning a modern minimalist design or leaning towards a more classic aesthetic, we have the perfect bath waiting for you. Turn your bathroom into a personal spa with Clearlite Bathrooms - your home of exceptional bathroom products.