NFC Instructions

Instructions to provide your product details to us for claiming Warranty.

1) Download NFC Scanner app from your relevant app store. Click on the logo below based on the device you are using for the scan.

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

If your app store is not listed above, then please go to the app store on your phone and search for 'NFC Scanner' and download the app.

2) Open the downloaded app and click on 'Scan' button to begin scanning.

3) Bring you phone close to the NFC tag, almost touching it, hover your phone from top to bottom slowly.

Keep trying until the app can show you the data stored in the tag.

4) Once the scan is successful, it will present you with the relevant information such as order number, purchase order number and line number which we use for the warranty claim.

5) Once you have provided that information to us, you can delete the app if you prefer but do not remove the NFC tag from your product as it will be used for future warranty claims.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Technical team.